Welcome to Roadtrips And Campfires!

A major site change is taking place, please excuse our dust.  As our site began to grow we found that organizing by topics and pages was less than optimal and limiting.  We are thus restructuring and have some exciting additions we will reveal in the upcoming weeks.

Because this is a new format it is taking a bit longer to work out the bugs and get the site up and running again.  Give us another day or two and we hope you’ll be pleased with the changes.

This site, RoadtripsAndCampfires.com will continue as our blog site and RV travel discussions.

A new site, TinyTravelHouse.com will be dedicated to small travel trailers and tiny homes and the community of same.   Our new cargo trailer conversion will be detailed on the new site  while trips planned and taken will be incorporated within the RoadTrips And Campfires pages.

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