Wayne & Christine

Hi!  We’re the Logans, currently residing in the beautiful state of Colorado.  We are finally within site of the magic ability to become Snowbirds, a 50-year goal for each of us.  We survived the rigors of working all those years by frequent weekend and vacation camping trips.  Getting away from it all allowed dealing with it all the rest of the week to be tolerable.

Sunday afternoons were always sad, having to pack up and leave when there was still so much to explore and don’t ya know it, you’re in the desert and they predicted clear skys tonight but you won’t be there to see all those brilliant stars against the jet black moonless night.

Thus is the dream of the average snowbird.  To stay as long as one wants when the outdoors calls.


Painting:  The backdrop to our “bathroom people” is a painting by my father’s uncle, James E. Isaacs.  I grew up with this, first in my aunt and uncle’s house (never were they “great aunt” or “great uncle,” it was Uncle Ernie and Aunt Momo as Myrtle was known).  Later this was in my parent’s living room and eventually in mine.  Another painting graces the walls of the Burbank, California Chili John’s restaurant.  I grew up with that as well.  I believe it was these two paintings that kept me longing all these years for the outdoors.

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