An Update On Us

We recently completely wiped out the content on this site, added a companion site and are rebuilding.  It was kind of a scary thought but we can see it was the right choice.  We are still with our BlueHost provider but the backend is oriented towards WordPress.  As well, content is separated a bit so we can dedicate some serious time and resources to contributing to our community while just playing and having fun over here.

Trailer progress is being detailed at our TinyTravelHouse site.  We are taking photos and videos and have begun a blog providing the steps, material and suppliers as we progress.  We are currently just beginning the insulation and window research and takedown of cargo trailer walls.

Wayne has set his retirement date and as he left to go to work yesterday, the first day of May 2018, I reminded him that one year from that day he would not be going to work for the final time and starting his new adventure.  That is planned take off day!


Introducing Our Companion Site

These new pages I’m writing this on at Roadtrips and Campfires  are less than a day old as I write this on the 27th.  Our companion site,  is not even active yet, awaiting the internet procedural steps for opening a new web address.  I’m hoping it goes live soon.

As stated currently on the home page, organizing the growing amount of information was becoming difficult given the then current page theme and a decision was made to split the site into two separate entities.  Recipes was especially difficult to access as the drop down menu was a real pain to use.  We are currently rebuilding the cooking section as we are most of the pages from the old site.

We are participating in a local community meetup keeping abreast of changes in the tiny house community and thought many of our readers would be interested in what we learn.  Our new site will focus on small travel trailers, small tiny houses that can travel, and the larger tiny houses that are primarily designed to be moved to location and not travel around.  For now the following definitions will be used and they are subject to debate and change:

Tiny House

Our website standard will consider any house 600 feet and under to be considered a tiny house.  Some are foundation houses just smaller than the traditional home.

Tiny House On Wheels

A tiny house on wheels is as described in the previous paragraph, primarily stationary.  These are the  type from well known “tiny houses” frequently shown built on the web and T.V.

Tiny Travel House

A Tiny Travel House includes RVs, cargo trailers, or any built vehicle that is on wheels, has walls, floor and ceiling and meets the standards for travel on U.S. highway roads.  A stictly “off-road” vehicle is just that, it can’t travel freely and remains in the off-road category.

Unique And Individual

Everything else smaller than 25′ that does not fit in a category above.  This is awesome creativity at its best.  Society is obsessed with making money off of other people and the basics to live are in some cases out of reach.  Or maybe you’re just fed up with paying for someone elses child to go to college.  People are flocking out of paying over a grand (try $1800 for a studio in L.A.) for a tiny space with old appliances and noisy or scary neighbors.

Cargo Trailer Conversion

We will soon be insulating the cargo trailer and listing the supplies and steps during the conversion.  We are moving all build photos and future videos to the site and I will link that here when they are up.

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